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iZotope Ozone 8 Advanced Complete Mastering System eLicense


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  • Model: iZot10-OZ8ADV
  • Manufactured by: iZotope


This product is delivered by download. We have an excellent relationship with iZotope and should receive the license code to complete your order within 24 hours. However, if you're ordering after 6:00PM PDT weekdays or on weekends, we'll process your order the next business day.

iZotope Ozone 8 Advanced Complete Mastering System eLicense

As the industry’s most comprehensive mastering suite, Ozone 8 adds to its legacy by introducing new intelligent signal processing, spectral shaping, Tonal Balance Control, and more. Master your audio with over fifteen years of audio industry firsts at your fingertips. Enhanced with new, futuristic, intelligent features, Ozone 8 is your one stop for a tonally balanced, professional master with twelve essential mastering processors. It’s the smartest version of Ozone yet.

Assistance with control

Master Assistant uses the sonic profile of your audio to help you get to a logical starting point. Because your time is better spent adding your sonic signature, Master Assistant will suggest targets, signal chain, and processor settings, so you can get back to what’s most important—adding that personal touch.

Tonal Balance Control

The new Tonal Balance Control plug-in presents industry-first visual analysis and communicates with all instances of Neutron 2, allowing you to reach your desired master faster. Compare your work with track references and genre standards informed by analysis on years of popular masters, achieve a target sonic profile, and ensure your delivery will translate for popular distribution channels.

NEW! Spectral Shaper

Smooth and sculpt problematic and harsh frequencies with the new Spectral Shaper module. Mold your audio by applying frequency-specific dynamics, surgically or creatively, to create smooth, balanced audio. Fantastic for taming percussive transients, Spectral Shaper can tame sibilant hi-hats, harsh vocals, plucky acoustic guitars, and other overly bright mix elements. For a creative twist, use Spectral Shaper across any frequency band to experiment with timbre, resonance, and transient information without affecting other elements of the source audio.

12 Essential Mastering Tools with Component Plug-ins

  • Spectral Shaper
  • Imager
  • Maximizer
  • EQ
  • Dynamic EQ
  • Post EQ
  • Dynamics
  • Exciter
  • Vintage Limiter
  • Vintage Tape
  • Vintage EQ
  • Vintage Compressor.



Precisely adjust stereo width for your master using the Imager module. An integrated Vectorscope and Correlation Meter give you valuable visual feedback for the mastering process, including Polar vectorscope modes and a Stereo Balance meter.


Ozone’s highly regarded mastering limiter features multiple modes of iZotope’s transparent limiting algorithm, IRC™. With Ozone 8, IRC IV is better than ever, with Transient and Modern modes. Get more transparent limiting with less pumping at higher volumes. 


Ozone includes an EQ and Post-EQ, each with eight bands of adjustable filters and a variety of filter shapes. Use the Equalizer for initial shaping of your master, then take advantage of Post-EQ later in the signal chain. The EQ also houses its powerful Match EQ that allows you to auto-match an EQ curve to a reference.

Dynamic EQ

Get finer control over your sound with the precision of an equalizer and the musical control of a compressor all in one processor. With an intuitive workflow and clearer visual feedback, Dynamic EQ is a valuable mastering tool that excels where traditional EQs and compressors fail.


Easily fine-tune dynamics with independent control for up to four audio frequency bands, each with separate limiting, compression, and expansion. A Limiter and Compressor in one, Dynamics allows you to surgically glue your mix together and add punch and energy to your master.


Ozone’s Exciter allows you to add warmth and character to audio across any frequency band selection. Choose from multiple saturation modes including analog-inspired Tube, Retro, or Tape. With Ozone 8, we’ve added the ability to apply different modes to each frequency band.

Vintage Limiter

Vintage Limiter glues a mix together and adds character with it's analog-sounding final-stage limiting. Retain the ease and precision of digital maximizing while bringing a natural feel to harsh and digital-sounding masters. Get the silkiness, body, and nostalgic vibe of classic recordings.

Track Referencing

A/B your master against reference tracks directly within any instance of Ozone or its standalone application. Now an integrated process, track referencing is easy, intelligent, and incorporated into Ozone’s workflow. Track referencing in Ozone allows you to load up to 10 tracks and will identify sections of your reference for easy playback like Verse or Chorus, so you can spend less time finding and more time mastering.

Compare Ozone 8 Products

Ozone 8 Elemnents Ozone 8 Standard Ozone 8 Advanced
NEW!  Master Assistant      
   Intelligent custom preset utility x x x
  reference track optimization   x x
NEW!  Tonal Balance Control      
  Inter-plugin Communication with Ozone 8 and Neutron 2     x
  Broad or fine view     x
  EQ remote control     x
  Low-end crest factor meter     x
   Custom import tagets     x
NEW!  Track Referencing      
  Intelligent track segmentation
  x x
  Import up to 10 reference tracks
  x x
  Reference gain slider
  x x
  Waveform view   x x
  Overlaid reference spectra   x x
NEW!  Spectral Shaper      
  Flexible frequency selection     x
  Available as module     x
  Available as plug-in     x
IMPROVED!  Maximizer      
  NEW! Stereo Independence x x x
  NEW! Threshold learn x x x
  NEW! Threshold & ceiling Link x x x
  NEW! IRC LL (Low Latency)   x x
  IRC III   x x
  IRC I & II x x x
  Available as plug-in     x
  NEW! Link Bands   x x
  Stereoize mode x x x
  Antiphase prevention   x x
  Integrated vectorscope and correlation meter x x x
  Stereo width spectrum view x x x
  Available as module x x x
  Available as plug-in     x
  Surgical mode x x x
  Baxandall, proportional Q, band shelf, high, low shelf filter shapes x x x
  Mid/side mode x x x
  Match EQ   x x
  Additional post equalizer module   x x
  Additional post equalizer plug-in     x
  Available as module x x x
  Available as plug-in     x
Dynamic EQ      
  Mid/side mode   x x
  Auto scale mode   x x
  Available as module   x x
  Available as plug-in     x
  NEW! Per-band Exciter modes   x x
  NEW! Link bands   x x
  Triode & dual triode modes   x x
  Retro, tape, warm, and tube modes   x x
  Available as module   x x
  Available as plug-in     x
Vintage Compressor      
  NEW! Improved ballistics and sound quality     x
  Mid/side mode     x
  Available as module     x
  Available as plug-in     x
Vintage Tape      
  NEW! 7.5 IPS setting     x
  15 & 30 IPS setting     x
  Available as module     x
  Available as plug-in     x
Vintage Limiter      
  Tube, analog, and modern modes   x x
  Threshold & ceiling link   x x
  True peak limiting   x x
  Available as module   x x
  Available as plug-in     x
Vintage EQ      
   Available as module     x
  Available as plug-in     x
  Learn mode   x x
  Adaptive release mode   x x
  Mid/side mode   x x
  Available as module   x x
  Available as plug-in     x
Additional Features      
  Professionally designed presets x x x
  Standalone application with SRC™   x x
  Multiband modes   x x
  Codec preview     x
  Dither   x x
  I/O section x x x
  Audition panel x x x
  Undo history x x x
  Seamless bypass mode x x x
  Customizable signal chain x x x
  Third-party plug-in hosting   x x


  • MAC: OSX 10.8.5 (Pro Tools 10 only), OSX 10.9 - macOS Sierra (10.12)
  • WINDOWS: 7, 8, & 10

Plug-in Formats: VST2, VST3, AudioUnit (Mac Only), AAX (Real-time & AudioSuite; 64-bit only), RTAS (Real-time & Audiosuite (DPM. 32-bit only)

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