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MOTU Digital Performer 9 Mac and PC Midi Audio Sequencer


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  • Model: MOTU6055
  • Shipping Weight: 6lbs
  • Manufactured by: MOTU


MOTU Digital Performer 9 Mac and PC MIDI Audio Sequencer

Digital Performer 9 represents a complete studio production experience on your computer desktop. Record, edit, mix, process and master polished recordings. Combine external hardware — synths, controllers, mics, instruments, compressors — with virtual instruments, loops, audio tracks and MIDI tracks, all together in a seamless, intuitive production environment. Work musically with features like the Drum Editor and QuickScribe notation, then switch gears for creative production techniques with inspiring plug-ins like DP's Subkick, Ensemble Chorus, and guitar FX plug-ins. Import loops, launch virtual instruments and 3rd-party plug-ins: Digital Performer is the consummate host. Then polish your recording with Digital Performer’s extensive editing, mixing, processing and mastering tools. No matter how you approach your music and audio production, DP's highly customizable user interface empowers your personal workflow.

MIDI, audio and virtual instruments

Play, record, edit, mix, process and master everything together

Digital Performer 9 excels at bringing together the worlds of MIDI sequencing, multitrack audio recording, virtual instruments, and loops and sound libraries. Work with all forms side by side, with dedicated editors for each, but also common editing, mixing and processing features that work in the same familiar fashion.



Consolidated Window

One window to rule them all...

Digital Performer's Consolidated Window streamlines your workspace. Quickly access major features such as the Sequence Editor, Mixing Board and Waveform Editor with tabs across the top of the window. Split the window vertically to view critical information side by side. Add side bars for commonly used lists and info panes. Create and save multiple custom layouts. Factory presets are provided for tracking, editing, mixing and other stages of your workflow.

3rd-party themes

Get inspired by the creativity of others

Exploring Digital Performer's included themes is downright fun. For further inspiration, check out these additional themes offered by third-party developers and hobbyists. Lovingly crafted, these looks for Digital Performer are sure to stimulate your muse and perhaps even surprise you.

Custom level meters

What color are your level meters? This may sound like a personal question, but the truth is, level meter color can often be the subject of strong debate. In DP, you can choose any color you want to perfectly match your favorite theme. You can even design a two- or three-color gradient.

Custom waveform colors

Audio waveforms are the most graphically significant element of your workspace, and Digital Performer lets you dial in the exact amount of color saturation and lightness you prefer, independently for both the waveform and its background. You can also choose to show or hide a solid color bar across the top of each waveform clip.

Control Panel

Customizable quick access to essential features like transport, memory, project setting, record options and more.

The Control Panel provides essential information in compact strip across the top of your computer screen. Float it indepedently, or pop it into the Consolidated Window. Configure it however you want with extensive preferences. Digital Performer gives you complete control over this critical component of your creative experience.

Extensive customization

Customize your workspace to your exact wishes

In addition to the highly configurable Consolidated Window, DP's dozens of themes, and the other customization features already mentioned, Digital Performer provides extensive preferences for configuring your workspace and how it responds to you. After all, a creative workspace is a very personal thing. And the time we get to spend there is precious, so you deserve every opportunity to maximize your experience.

Multiple sequences

Work with multiple sequences in a single project

Digital Performer is still the only audio workstation application that allows you to create multiple sequences in a single project. Regardless of what you create with DP, you'll undoubtedly end up producing multiple versions of it. Why not have them all in the same project file, at your fingertips, using the same effects processing and virtual instrument resources? Need to use Digital Performer for live performance? Create a single file with all your songs in it, organized into 45-minute song sets or however you like. Digital Performer is the preferred workstation software for live touring, due in large part to this essential feature. Digital Performer's ability to assist you in creating and managing multiple sequences is unparalleled.

Unlimited tracks, unlimited everything

You'll never run out of resources — or ideas

When you work fast, it's nice to know that you'll never hit The Wall. In Digital Performer, create as many tracks as you like. Add as many sequences as you need. Recording multiple takes? Do as many passes as necessary. Digital Performer has been designed to accommodate an open-ended workflow, where ideas can run rampant and limitations, if you need them, are completely up to you

Track folders and groups

Achieve clarity by organizing your tracks

Put folders within folders for as many levels as you need. Assign a unique color to the tracks in each folder to further enhance your project organization. Track folders show an overview of their contents in the Tracks Window. Track folders can be fully edited when either collapsed or expanded, and they even have their own track controls (play-enable, lock, solo exempt, etc.), just like individual tracks. Track folders appear throughout Digital Performer in all windows that show multiple tracks, including all track show/hide selectors. Option-click and command-click shortcuts help you quickly collapse and expand multiple folders, or even all folders.

Track groups: a way to link behaviors

Track groups work in concert with, or independently from, track folders and allow you to link tracks from a functional standpoint, for mixing, editing or both. For example, grab a fader in a mix group and all other faders move too, in a relative fashion. The same holds true for mute, solo, and a host of other mix parameters, and editing as well. Pick and choose what elements are affected by the group. Temporarily override with a modifier key for quick tweaks. Even create unlimited, nested groups.

Precision and resolution

No-compromise engineering delivers ultimate sonic integrity

If we had to choose one phrase to describe Digital Performer's no-compromise approach to digital music and audio production, it would have to be: sample-accurate. The shocking truth is that some audio applications don't maintain phase coherence during editing: as soon as you make an edit, the resulting audio clip is now shifted a few samples from its original position relative to other tracks. The results are insidiously disastrous. Never in Digital Performer. DP has been engineered with the utmost devotion to sonic integrity. Regardless of whether you work at 192 kHz with 32-bit floating point audio files, or plain old 44.1 kHz 16-bit audio, Digital Performer is faithful and true down to sample, for every edit, every fader move.

2 trillion PPQ

For MIDI data, DP's factory default resolution is 480 parts per quarter note (PPQ), which is perfectly fine for most folks. If you’re a Logic or Cubase user who has switched to Digital Performer, you could choose 960 or 1920, respectively. For even better PPQ resolution, add extra decimal places (e.g. 960.000 or 1920.000). The maximum resolution offered? Just over 2 trillion PPQ. How is this incredible degree of precision possible? The number that Digital Performer uses to store the location of each MIDI event is a 64-bit number, which can express a range of numbers up to over 8,000,000,000,000,000,000.

Recording and playback

Advanced recording and playback features made easy

With transport controls modeled on a conventional tape deck, playback and recording can be as simple as pressing the play and record buttons. Many advanced features lie waiting, however, for even the most demanding studio situations: editing during playback, 'Partial-solo' mode, configurable event chasing, scrubbing, advanced click programming, input filtering and quantizing, multi-track recording of both MIDI and audio simultaneously, manual and auto punch-in, overdub recording, recording while slaved to external sync — these are just a few of the many features developed over years of time-tested performance in studios all over the world.


A one-of-a-kind loop recorder

Inspired by the classic Echoplex tape delay effect, POLAR™ stands for "Performance Oriented Loop Audio Recording". POLAR allows you to continuously loop-record vocal comps, beat-boxing, guitar, or pretty much anything, overdubbing each pass to build up vocal stacks or layered audio loops of any length with any number of layers. Many options are provided to facilitate real-time interaction with the computer, allowing you to record ideas quickly and spontaneously. POLAR provides a seductive form of interactive loop-recording that produces results you might never have imagined. Be prepared to lose track of hours as you explore interactive layers upon layers. For truly amazing looped effects, try changing the length of the record loop between passes. Now try loops of odd lengths repeating against each other. (3 bars against 7, anyone?) The results can be mind-blowing. When you're done, hit Export to blow the entire POLAR session into your Digital Performer project for further editing, processing and mixing.

Step Record

Let's take it one note at a time

Step Record lets you enter MIDI material one note at a time. Sure, you can always draw notes graphically with the pencil tool, but sometimes it's more fun — and musically productive — to actually play a phrase or part, even if it's only note by note. Often the results are much more interesting than graphically entered material. Create insanely fast passages that would be impossible for a human to play. Or enter normal parts when your chops aren't up to the task. The uses for Step Record are infinite.

Takes and comping

Multiple takes and track comping the way it's supposed to be

When you're tracking, recording multiple takes is essential: it frees you up and allows you, or the artist, to get in the moment, be oneself, and perform the ultimate lick or phrase. Digital Performer lets you record into an unlimited number of takes and then quickly combine them into the perfect composite or "comp" take. Quickly expand the track list to display all takes, just like separate tracks, but specially linked for quick one-click comping. Then collapse them when you're done to conserve screen space. You can always go back to tweak them again later. DP's takes and comping features let you do in minutes what used to take hours.

Comprehensive MIDI and audio editors

Powerful tools for editing and honing your sound

Digital Performer's edit windows are so well-equipped with features, they could stand as separate applications on their own. Each window is loaded with features dedicated to each form of data, with the Sequence Editor serving as the grand master that displays all tracks and data together, side by side.

  • Sequence Editor
    • Detailed Multitrack overview of all MIDI, audio and instrument tracks
  • Track List
    • Birds-eye overview of all MIDI, audio and instrument tracks
  • MIDI Editor
    • Piano-roll style editing for MIDI and instrument tracks
  • Drum Editor
    • Grid editor for drums and percussive material
  • Notation Editor
    • Single-track, endlessly-scrolling music notation editor
  • QuickScribe Editor
    • Multitrack notation editor for lead sheets, scores and parts with page layout
  • Waveform Editor
    • Comprehensive audio file editor
  • Event List
    • Alphanumeric data editor with pin-point accuracy

Automation lanes

Mix automation can add life to a flat mix, allowing it to breath with the musical ebb and flow of the track. Automation lanes display each type of automation data — volume, pan, plug-in settings like filter cutoff — in their own lane below the parent track, giving you the clarity you need to perfectly dial in your automated mix. Show as many lanes as you like. Display any type of automation data you wish, for audio tracks, instrument tracks and MIDI tracks.

MX4™ MultiSynth

Now included with DP, MX4 is a powerful 64-bit virtual instrument plug-in featuring a hybrid synthesis engine that combines several forms of synthesis, including subtractive, wavetable, frequency modulation (FM), amplitude modulation (AM) and analog emulation.

Signature EDM soundbank for MX4

Spark your EDM tracks with cutting-edge sounds

Developed by synth guru Erik Norlander, this exciting new soundbank spans the EDM sound spectrum, from deep house to neo disco to electro swing. You'll find presets that inspire new directions, and with a little tweaking, define your unique sound. Browse dozens of basses, leads, pads, arps, sample & hold and rhythm blocks. These presets are a showcase for MX4 as a synth programming powerhouse.


Turn your guitar into a synthesizer

MegaSynth combines polyphonic octave generation with flexible signal routing, envelopes, LFOS, a pattern generator and macros. Input your guitar — or any signal — and let the synthesis mayhem begin! MegaSynth generates octave, sub-octave and square wave tones based on the input signal. You can mix, route and process the four signals (voices) in a virtually infinite number of ways with creative processing, including a programmable pattern generator, macros that control multiple parameters at once and an envelope follower.

Five new plug-ins

Meticulously crafted plug-ins include the MasterWorks™ FET-76™ emulation of the classic 1176LN™ limiting amplifier (Revision D/E), MultiFuzz™ model of Craig Anderton's seminal QuadraFuzz™ distortion kit from the 70's, MicroG™ and MicroB™ polyphonic octave generators for guitar and bass, and the mind-blowing MegaSynth™ subtractive synth processor.

Spectral display in the Sequence Editor

View the spectral content of each audio track, side by side with their waveforms, directly in the Sequence Editor timeline with a colorful, informative visual representation of the frequency content of your audio material.

Retina display support

View DP's carefully crafted UI themes like Carbon Fiber, Producer and all-new DP9 theme in stunning detail on the exceptionally high image resolution of your Mac's Retina display.

MusicXML export

Export your DP QuickScribe notation scores as a MusicXML file, which can then be imported into popular music notation applications like Finale™ and Sibelius™. QuickScribe's renowned notation transcription, along with dynamics and many other musical symbols, are preserved during the file transfer.

Create Tracks command

Add many tracks to your project in one step — even different types of tracks (MIDI, audio, aux, master faders, etc.) all at once.

Floating plug-in windows

Keep plug-in windows in front of all other DP windows. Set the floating preference globally or choose to float on a per-window basis.

MIDI Learn for audio plug-ins

Map knobs, faders and switches on your MIDI controller to audio plug-in parameters. Use Digital Performer’s powerful Custom Consoles feature to access advanced programming for the connection.

Mute MIDI Notes

Use the Mute Tool to temporarily silence both audio regions and MIDI notes, including multiple selected notes.

Project Notes

Save text notes in your DP project, rather than a separate text document. Log production info, keep a To Do list, build up liner notes.

More searching

Find Markers, Chunks and plug-in preferences faster with newly added search fields.


System Requirements

Operating systems

  • Mac OS X version 10.6.8 or later
  • Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit)
  • Windows 8 (32- and 64-bit)


  • 2GB required
  • 4GB or more recommended

Computer display resolution

  • 1024 x 768 required
  • 1280 x 1024 or higher recommended

64-bit operation

  • Available for Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
  • Available for 64-bit versions of Windows 8 and 7

Supported audio hardware

  • Mac: built-in audio, any Core Audio compatible hardware, any Core MIDI compatible hardware
  • Windows: any Windows 8 or 7 Audio or ASIO compatible hardware, any Windows 8 or 7 compatible MIDI hardware

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