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ReCompose Liquid Notes for Live Tool Mac/PC eLicense


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  • Model: Reco1-33108
  • Manufactured by: Re-Compose


This product is delivered by download. We have an excellent relationship with Re-Compose and should receive the license code to complete your order within 24 hours. However, if you're ordering after 6:00PM PT weekdays or on weekends, we'll process your order the next business day.

Liquid Notes for Live is a special Plug In version of Liquid Notes for those who use Ableton Live 9

 Liquid Notes makes the theory of harmony accessible, pretty much without restriction. You just use that knowledge in any way you want. The software will not interfere with your style, handwriting, or emotional message. It simply lets you try out new ideas for your compositions within the vast framework of chords and scales.

Liquid Notes delivers suggestions, the final outcome is completely up to you.  Have a piece analyzed harmonically, at any stage of the composition process. And then rearrange it by substituting chords, altering their function, adding tension, building chord progressions, playing melody lines, improvising, and more.

Altogether, this kind of sophisticated deep-level variation and diversification will definitely boost the effect of your music. It is useful for everyone, from professional composers to amateur musicians. Get out of it what you need: ideas, effect, knowledge, or speed. Liquid Notes works on Mac and Windows operating systems and can even route through to the software instruments of the original arrangement in your sequencer.

In the studio

With its advanced harmony analysis and chord progression algorithms, Liquid Notes will effectively alter chord functions, types, tension, and progressions.

Reharmonization has never been easier!

Live performance

Liquid Notes will correct any wrong notes in a melody played via MIDI keyboard (or even the QWERTY computer keys as used in many sequencer programs).

Thanks to its music intelligence you'll never perform live in the wrong key!

Just import the MIDI file into Liquid Notes and hit play. Liquid Notes routes the MIDI data back to your sequencer, using all software instruments of your original arrangement. When you have completed the editing process, simply record your music back to your sequencer.

Or run it standalone with its built-in synthesizers when you are on the go or want to do some quick prototyping of fresh ideas for new productions.


  • Multi-track control over chord types, functions, and tensions
  • Intelligent harmony progression management
  • LN Live corrects wrong notes as you are playing them
  • Growing selection of music templates in various styles
  • Plays through the software instruments of your preferred sequencer
  • Built-in synthesizers for sequencer-independent operation
  • Standalone application (stay independent from operating system and sequencer type): No VST, AU or RTAS required *
  • Works on Windows and Mac OS X
  • Connects to any sequencer (Cubase, Logic, Live, Pro Tools, Sonar, etc.)
  • Supports live performance

System Requirements:

  • Java runtime environment or higher
    (Note: Java 8 is not supported on Mac yet! Find more information in this article.)
  • PC: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
  • Mac: OS X 10.6 or higher

    Important note!
    *: Interfacing with sequencers via VST, AU, or RTAS would render a major technological disadvantage to working with extensive multi-track MIDI. This comprises routing, instant MIDI I/O, working cross-platform, and independence from the sequencer type.

    Comparison chart: Liquid Notes vs Liquid Notes for Live

      Liquid Notes
    Liquid Notes for Live *
    (MIDI Effect)
    Harmonic analysis yes yes
    Reharmonization yes yes
    Live mode yes yes
    MIDI file import yes -
    MIDI export yes yes
    Built-in synths yes -
    Standalone operation yes -
    Syncs to all DAWs via MIDI clock yes -
    Plug and play with Ableton Live 9 (via Max for Live) - yes
    Supports direct multi-track MIDI import from Live - yes
    Playback via IAC bus (all DAWs) yes -
    Adjust playback tempo in Liquid Notes yes -
    Pre-arranged music templates yes  

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