Ebtech HE2 2 Channel Hum Eliminator

Almost all AC hum (60Hz in the US) is caused by ground-loops. Rather than filtering, the HUM ELIMINATOR prevents ground-loops from forming in the... more info

Ebtech 2 Channel Line Level Shifter demo

Ebtech 2 Channel Line Level Shifter demo What do you do when you need to connect a low volume -10 dBV output device (like a keyboard, CD player or DJ... more info
Rolls MB15 Two Way Stereo Convertor
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Rolls MB15 Two Way Stereo Convertor

The MB15 ProMatch converts consumer level stereo RCA signals to balanced XLR professional line level, and back. One side of the unit, labeled 1, has... more info
Rolls PS27 Power Supply
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Rolls PS27 Power Supply

The PS27s from Rolls is a compact wall power adapter that plugs into a 100-240VAC outlet and delivers an output power of 15VDC. The adapter weighs... more info



Tutoral lessons 60 minutes

Great Help in showing how to use Logic. Just like a private...

MakeMusic Finale 25 - Mac PC Professional Notation eLicense

I've been using Finale for years. This is the best version...
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