Bourbaki FracTools An Electronic Kaliedoscope of Geometry DOS


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This is New Old Sealed Stock that we found in our warehouse for DOS so if you got an old PC that runs DOS, you can have a great time with this software! Original Price $60. 

FracTools  is a program for generating, manipulating and playing with Fractals. The term Fractal is used to describe a "family of shapes" illustrating the "irregular" non=Euclidian geometry of nature. This includes things like clouds, coastlines or trees. It also includes an infinite variety of self-similar images.

FracTools lets you explore the virtually infinite world of these self-similar fractal iages. You can modify and play with any of the images included in the FracTools library or create new ones by zooming on and expanding an interesting area within an existing images. FracTools enables you to create thousands of variations on a a single fractal image. To illustrate the variety inherent in fractals, these images are all variation on a single fractal.

FracTools gives you the tools to filter out areas of the display, change colors in any area and animate the fractal to create some truly mesmerizing images and effects. Special effects and features include Kaleidoscope, stained, Glass, Strobe, Slide Shows and Mouse Movies. Create self running slides and movies that will blow your mind.

Feeling artistic or stressed out, take relaxing and creative break with FracTools. It will provides hours if not days of engaging exploration of the geometry of nature. If you have a PC at home and have children, FracTools can help put a dent in TV time.

FracTools also includes a version of PKZip and PKunzip to compressing and uncompressing large files.


  • IBM PC/XT/AT/PS2 or compatibles
  • 512k Ram
  • DOS 2.0 or higher
  • Hard Disk
  • Microsoft compatible mouse
  • 16 Color VGA or EGA display
  • Recommended a Math co-processor

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