Play Pro Interactive Guitar 2.0 Deluxe Edition


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This a New never used 2.0 Version of a Great Guitar Course. Play Pro Interactive Guitar 2.0 Deluxe Edition. You can plug your guitar directly into your PC to learn to play or just to jam for hours!

Whether you are a beginner or advanced player it will make you play better. It has compu-U-pare which shows you how well you play to the orginal examples. There's a back up band to play with, virtual fretboard to show you how to finger properly in real time. There's also 55 videos to help show you how to play, a guitar tuner, you can record yourself as audio with real time efx! There's 2 CDs with a 200 page book.

It runs on a PC with 95/98 or NT4, Pentium 4, 16megs of ram, 2x CDrom, 16bit sound card, 256 color display and 20megs of free disk space. If you want to use XP then you can upgrade the software from Pro Play.

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