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Steinberg Dorico 2 Mac PC Music Notation Academic Version eLicense

Note: This is a specially priced version of Dorico for qualified students and teachers. Proof of eligibility is required. For more information, Click here to eMail Us

Includes the USB eLicenser

The new standard in scoring software

New in Version 2

  • Utilizing the same video engine found in Cubase and Nuendo, Dorico Pro 2 allows you to attach a video to your project, play it via the dedicated video window, view thumbnails in Play mode, and add markers
  • Graphically edit tempo and dynamics, add lanes for MIDI controllers, draw data, and more
  • Dorico Pro 2 supports time signatures for the scoring stage and concert hall and gives you control over view options such as size, position, and typeface
  • Rhythm Slashes: Copy music from one instrument and paste it to another as slashes, change melodic or chordal material into slashes, input slashes with or without stems, fill bars with slashes, and more
  • Create bar repeats by clicking and dragging to fill bars with bar repeat symbols, and use sophisticated options for grouping and renumbering
  • Inspired by the hand-copying style of a famous series of jazz standards books, the new Petaluma font family features over 1350 musical symbols and over 500 alphanumeric characters
  • Repeat structures now play back automatically, making it easy to follow a musical structure containing multiple repeated sections
  • Smart Staff Management: Divisi support, add/remove staves at any point, add ossia staves above or below any instrument, and more
  • The system track appears at the top staff of the system, only comes to the fore when you need it, and enables a new way to add and delete bars or select and copy music
  • The Explode and Reduce functions allow you to quickly paste music to more or fewer players
  • Paste material to multiple instruments in a single step with Multi-Paste
  • Support for the virtual instrument NotePerformer 3 from Wallander Instruments
  • Shift+R popover for single- and multi-note tremolos and repeat endings
  • Make any selection of existing notes into a tuplet with any ratio of your choosing
  • New dialog for editing and creating playing techniques
  • Change the clef used by an instrument in concert and transposing pitch
  • Dynamics, playing techniques, and text items can erase their background to improve their appearance when crossing bars and staff lines
  • Text items can have a border with customizable thickness and padding
  • Change the beat unit for an existing metronome mark via Properties

Dorico is the next-generation scoring application from Steinberg, with a whole new way of working with music notation. Built from the ground up by musicians for musicians, Dorico is like having an intelligent assistant by your side. Dorico’s output is the equal of the finest music engraving, and brings music to life through Steinberg’s award-winning audio engine.

Dorico redefines the gold standard in scoring software. Built from the ground up with today’s multi-core 64-bit CPUs in mind, Dorico will take advantage of all of your system’s horsepower while the intuitive workflows help you focus on each aspect of score preparation. The beauty and balance of Dorico's output is unrivaled, with hundreds of options to control every aspect of your music's appearance. And with Steinberg's award-winning audio engine at its heart, Dorico allows you to use your VST instruments and effects to produce great-sounding playback too.

Steinberg Dorico features

  • Next-generation 64-bit scoring software for OS X and Windows, designed by musicians for musicians
  • Beautiful engraved output with unrivalled attention to detail
  • Flexible note input and powerful editing, including ability to insert and change duration of existing notes
  • Streamlined, single-window interface puts every tool at your fingertips
  • Powerful score management features to handle multiple independent pieces of music within the same project
  • Unlimited number of staves and movements, sections, or pieces within the same project
  • Easily create layouts for full scores and instrumental parts with independent page size, staff size and system layout
  • Use your computer keyboard or MIDI keyboard to input music quickly and efficiently
  • Superior note spacing with optical kerning of adjacent elements, with tighter default spacing and no rhythmic distortion
  • Import and export in MusicXML, MIDI and graphics formats
  • Award-winning 32-bit floating-point Steinberg audio engine with flexible routing for virtual instrument and effect playback
  • Compatible with VST 3 virtual instruments and effects processors
  • Outstanding virtual instruments with more than 1,500 sounds, including HALion Sonic SE 2 workstation and complete HALion Symphonic Orchestra library
  • Suite of high-end VST effect processors, including channel strip modules (compressor, EQ, limiter) and convolution reverb

Streamlined workflow

Dorico has a simple, uncluttered interface that is intended to disappear and allow you to focus on the music. Designed to be comfortable and efficient on a laptop computer with a single display, but expanding effortlessly into the studio with multiple large displays, Dorico’s single-window design puts all of the application’s power within easy reach.

Powerful project management

Dorico handles multi-movement works — such as sonatas, symphonies, songbooks, musicals and operas — so easily and simply, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it until now. Each project file can contain as many independent pieces of music as necessary, called flows.

Dorico’s five modes

Dorico’s workflows are divided into five distinct modes — Setup, Write, Engrave, Play and Print — that are all one mouse tap away from the toolbar, and can be freely changed at any time. Collapsible panels to the left, right and bottom of the window provide instant access to each mode’s features, and can be hidden with a single click or key command to show as much music as possible on your display.

Efficient window management

Open as many windows onto the same project as you like: keep one in Write mode to allow continued input and editing, and another in Play mode to allow easy tweaking of playback, or switch back and forth within the same window with a single click. Switch between tabs for the conductor’s score and instrumental parts, or split the window horizontally or vertically to allow you to work on both at the same time. Dorico provides the environment to allow you to do your best work, and then gets out of your way.

Effortless score and part preparation

Naturally, Dorico allows you to originate both the conductor’s score and parts for individual players from the flows of music in your project as individual layouts. Changes made to the music in one layout are automatically reflected in any others in which that music appears, while allowing complete independence in terms of page and system appearance between every layout.

Flexible input and editing

Inputting music in Dorico is fast and easy. Use your keyboard or mouse to input notes, and learn easy to remember key commands, or define your own, allowing you to fly through note input faster than ever before. Dorico has the flexibility to notate every note according to the changing musical context using its sophisticated understanding of the rules of meter, ensuring that the rhythm is always clearly communicated, even as notes are lengthened, shortened, inserted or removed.

Academic Eligibility:

  • Current employees of a public or private K-12 institution (US only)
  • Current faculty, staff, and students of a higher education institution (US only)
  • Parents of a student actively enrolled at a higher education institution (US only), purchasing on the student's behalf
  • Proof of eligibility includes student ID, higher education acceptance letter, teaching credentials, or proof of employment
  • Churches also qualify for educational discounts, but must purchase Dorico on a PO

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