Roland Solo Strings Vol 1 for S7xx Series Samplers

Roland Solo Strings Vol 1 for S7xx Series Samplers


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With recording locations as diverse as Tokyo, Berlin, Montreal, Portland, Venice and London, Roland's CD-ROMs include a large portfolio of material from their early libraries, as well as more contemporary stuff for the 700-series samplers. This generous 'if in doubt, throw it in' policy sometimes creates an embarrassment of riches -- there are multiple versions of many instruments, including 13 different oboes! Spectrasonics' Eric Persing had a hand in all this, his presence always a sign of good quality.

Solo Strings Volume 1   



Vn [5]: sus vb <2>, sus nv, sus mt vb, marc, harm, piz, bow bounce, 5ths, tuning up (all M), piz (St).


Va [3]: sus vb <2>, sus nv, marc, harm, piz.


Vc: sus vb, sus nv, harm, piz (all M), sus nv, marc, stc, piz (St).


Db [3]: sus vb (f & mf), sus nv, marc, harm (all M), marc, piz <3> (St).


Disc Comments: Violin, viola, cello and double bass display all their main playing styles, so use these samples to demo the mad harmonies in your new string quartet piece. Everything is well recorded and looped. Note: the so-called string ensembles included at the end of this volume are not ensemble recordings, but assembled programs of solo instruments! 


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