New Sealed Roland L-CDC-01 Jazz Vol 1 CD S7xx Series

New Sealed Roland L-CDC-01 Jazz Vol 1 CD S7xx Series


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This is a Classic Roland CDROM disc containing tracks and patches for
the S-7xx series sampler. It contains the musical styling of Michael
Brecker, Bob Wilson, Richard Souther, Efrain Toro, Bill cantos, Joe
Rotundi, Stever Tavaglione, Eric Persing, Kurt Wortman, Marvin Sanders
and David Goldblatt in the following tracks: Big Band Fast, Brazilian
Samba, Dixieland, Mainstream Modern Quintet, Funk Fusion, Mambo Jazz,
Big Band Ballad, 90's Jazz/Rock Fusion, Jazz Organ Trio, Tropical,
European Piano Trio. All tracks are MIDI files with patches loaded into
your Roland S 7xx series sampler. It's a great learning tool, a chance
to see how these pros write and great some great sounds mainly not
available in the regular Roland library. The track and sounds are
license free.

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