Focusrite Clarett 8Pre X 26x28 Mac PC Thunderbolt Interface

Focusrite Clarett 8Pre X 26x28 Mac PC Thunderbolt Interface


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Focusrite Clarett 8Pre X 26x28 Mac PC Thunderbolt Interface

Better. Faster. Easier.

The 26-in, 28-out Clarett 2Pre Thunderbolt interface combines eight mic preamp combines class-leading digital conversion and extra-low round- trip latency – enabling DAW plugins to be used while monitoring recordings. Clarett’s mic pre offers superbly low noise and distortion, plus the “Air” effect that models the sound of Focusrite’s renowned ISA transformer-based preamps. Complete with Focusrite’s precision 24/192 conversion offering up to 119dB real-world dynamic range, there’s never been a better, faster or easier way of getting your sound into or out of a DAW.

With twenty 26 inputs and twenty eight outputs, Focusrite’s Clarett 8Pre X Thunderbolt interface is ideal for the Recording  Studio. It includes eight newly-designed Clarett mic preamps accessed direct from the front panel, plus class-leading digital conversion and millisecond-level low round-trip latency – so low that DAW plugins can be used while monitoring recordings: for example to add reverb in the headphones for a vocalist.The interface comes with 64-bit AAX, AU, and VST compatible Red 2 and Red 3 plug-in suite.

The new Clarett mic pre offers very low noise (EIN-128) and distortion, and also includes the switchable “Air” effect that models the sound of Focusrite’s renowned ISA transformer-based preamps. It also features gain controls with a special law that makes changes smoother and more natural.

Focusrite has been known for top-quality digital conversion for almost as long as it has been respected for its microphone preamps, and the Clarett 8Pre X is no exception. Featuring the latest in Focusrite precision digital conversion, 8Pre X’s 192k Hz/24-bit converters deliver up to 118dB (A/D from mic pre) / 119dB (D/A line out) real-world dynamic range.

Housed in a 2RU chassis, the interface features two front instrument ¼" TRS inputs, eight rear panel microphone XLR-3F inputs, eight ¼" line level inputs, six line level ¼" TRS outputs, two ¼" TRS monitor outputs, word clock I/O, 5-pin MIDI I/O, stereo SPDIF I/O, and sixteen channels of ADAT I/O for expansion.

The front panel also features two ¼" TRS headphone outputs with separate volume controls. A dedicated gain control, a +48V phantom power switch, a phase reverse switch, and a high pass filter switch is provided for each microphone preamplifier. A six-segment multi-channel LED meter provides visual feedback, as well as a level control, a dim button, and a mute button.

Full I/O complement

26 audio inputs and 28 outputs within a 2U rack space, including eight analog inputs, 10 analog outputs, stereo SPDIF I/O and 16 channels of ADA T I/O. The additional ADAT output is ideal forsending audio to an external D/A for line output expansion, while the input can be used, forexample, to bring in eight additional digital mic pre channels for maximum flexibility.

Digital sync on-board

Includes Word Clock In, enabling it to sync to word clock from any external digital device.

A new software mixer

Focusrite Control, is included for easy configuration of monitoring and routing setups. Simple and intuitive to use, Focusrite Control offers a traditional mixer workflow and allows immediate access to internal hardware functions. Every Clarett also includes the Red 2 & Red 3 AAX, AU & VST Plug-in Suite, which accurately models Focusrite’s classic Red range equalizer and compressor hardware.

Focusrite Clarett Range Features:

  • New Clarett preamps model the classic ISA design
  • Mic Pre EIN = -128dB
  • World class dynamic range: 118dB A/D and 119dB D/A
  • Latest Thunderbolt technology ensures extra low round trip latency
  • 24bit, 192kHz sample rates
  • Flagship Clarett 8PreX designed for permanent professional studio install
  • New 64-bit AAX, AU and VST compatible Red 2 and Red 3 Plug-in Suite
  • Detailed metering
  • All expandable over ADAT
  • Includes MIDI I/O, Getting started guide, No Thunderbolt cable included.



  •  2x TRS Headphone Outputs
  • 2x TRS Instrument Inputs
  • 8x TRS Line Inputs
  • 8x XLR Microphone Inputs
  • 8x TRS Line Outputs
  • 2x TRS Monitor Output
  • 1x WordClock Input
  • 1x WordClock Output
  • 2x ADAT Optical In
  • 2x ADAT Optical Out
  • 1x SPDIF In
  • 1x SPDIF Out
  • 1x 5-Pin MIDI In
  • 1x 5-Pin MIDI Out
  • 1x Thunderbolt

Sample Rates     

  • 44.1. 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz

Microphone Inputs

  • Frequency Response     20 to 20,000 Hz ±1 dB
  • Dynamic Range     118 dB (A-weighted)
  • THD+N     0.001%
  • EIN     -128 dBU (A-weighted)
  • Maximum Input Level     +18 dBu
  • Gain Range     57 dB

Line Inputs

  • Frequency Response     20 to 20,000 Hz ±0.1 dB
  • Dynamic Range     116 dB (A-weighted)
  • THD+N     0.005%
  • Maximum Input Level     +26 dBu
  • Gain Range     57 dB

Instrument Inputs

  • Frequency Response     20 to 20,000 Hz ±0.1 dB
  • Dynamic Range     111 dB (A-weighted)
  • THD & Noise     0.001%
  • Maximum Input Level     +14 dBu
  • Gain Range     57 dB


  • Dynamic Range     119 dB
  • Dynamic Range     117 dB
  • Maximum Output Level     +18 dBu
  • THD     0.007%

Headphone Output

  • Dynamic Range     112 dB
  • THD & Noise     0.0008%
  • Maximum Output Level     +16 dBu

Clarett Windows Compatibility

Windows: Focusrite Control 2.1.4 (beta)

Introduces support for the Clarett range on Windows 

For installation and getting started information, please see this article. For compatibility information, please see their OS Checker.

Please Note: Although this software has been tested internally, beta software may still contain some defects. Please only install this software if you are interested in testing the new features introduced in this update, and if you are willing to report the results (and any defects) back to us. We typically advise against installing any beta updates if you're looking for mature versions of our software, or if you're using your Focusrite product on a time-critical project. If you have any problems, please contact Technical Support.

This version gives the option to install both the Clarett Thunderbolt driver (version and the Scarlett USB driver (version

Known issues:

- Glitchy audio/enumeration issues when using Thunderbolt 3 connections via an adapter. Please note that Thunderbolt 3 connectivity is NOT yet supported.

- Cubase 8.5 crashes after the save when closing down a project with MIDI tracks.

- Driver installer optimisations

Due to the vast range of possible hardware combinations, their approach for Thunderbolt support on Windows is to qualify specific systems.  They are currently testing with the following machines:

  • HP ZBook
  • Molten Technology Intel X99 based machine
  • Lenovo Thinkpad W541

Unlike USB or Firewire protocols, Thunderbolt hardware and drivers require approval from Intel and Apple. Their assertion is that once they have a fully tested driver it will work with all other approved Thunderbolt systems. Although they would like to, it is impossible for them to test every Thunderbolt ready PC in the field, which is why they need to rely on this assertion to a certain extent. 

Mac System Requirements

Max OSX 10.9, 10.10

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