Zivix JamStik + Guitar MIDI USB BlueTooth Wireless Controller

Zivix JamStik + Guitar MIDI USB BlueTooth Wireless Controller


  • Manufactured by: zivix

Zivix JamStik + Guitar MIDI USB BlueTooth Wireless Controller

The Zivix jamstik+ is a wireless MIDI guitar controller that is designed to deliver a guitar-like playing experience. It features five frets and six strings, and has octave shift and capo up/down functionality for accessing the full range of notes. It's an ideal tool for playing, composing, and learning in any environment, and is a useful tool for guitarists of all skill levels, from beginners to pros.

Play your first chords in minutes...
your first song soon after

The jamstik+ interactive teaching apps walk you through your very first chords in minutes. Sensors in the jamstik+ work in tandem with the teaching apps to detect the placement of your fingers and display them on the screen of your device, giving you instant feedback with zero guesswork.

Wireless & Portable

The jamstik+ supports the latest BluetoothSmart technology, so the wire-free connection to your device is fast and stable and your WIFI stays wide open. Being untethered gives you the freedom to practice anytime and anywhere: on the airplane, the quad, even the Golden Gate Bridge.

Real Strings & Frets

The jamstik+ is the only digital guitar with real strings and frets. The skills you learn on the jamstik+ translate seamlessly to a traditional guitar, so you can play both the guitar you love and your portable jamstik without skipping a beat.

MIDI Device: Play any Sound

Already a guitar player? The jamstik+ is a fast and versatile MIDI controller, compatible with hundreds of apps, so you can create virtually any sound you can think of, vastly expanding your musical territory. You can build and record an entire song, from drums to keys to guitar with just the jamstik+.

Measuring just over 16-inches long and weighing just under 2 pounds, the jamstik+ is lightweight and portable. jamstik+ is designed to wirelessly pair with your favorite Bluetooth 4.0 enabled iOS or Mac device, and can be used via USB with Mac and Windows.


  • Finger sensing fretboard
  • Authentic: Real strings and real frets.
  • Downloadable interactive teaching iOS apps that make learning fun: jamstik Connect, jamTutor & jamMix
  • Portable size for travel, fits in any bag, briefcase, or carry-on
  • Versatile and accurate controller which can trigger most MIDI instruments that will accept MIDI via USB or Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • Convenient and Portable: Play and learn wherever you are; when your schedule allows; and at your pace.
  • Affordable: The jamstik is a guitar and lessons in one. The free jamTutor app is all you need to start playing in minutes.

jamstik+ Compatible Devices

The following devices are compatible with jamstik+ wireless Bluetooth LE (4.0) connectivity.

  • iPad Mini (or Later) iOS 8.12+
  • iPad 3 (or later) iOS 8.12+
  • iPhone (4S or later) iOS 8.12+
  • iPod touch (5th Gen or later) iOS 8.12+
  • Mac OSX 10.10 (Yosemite) iOS 8.12+ 

Generally speaking, the following Mac Models and later support BLE 4.0

  • Mac mini - Mid 2011
  • MacBook Air - 2011
  • MacBook Pro - Late 2012
  • iMac - Late 2012
  • Mac Pro - Late 2013 / early 2014

Remember you must also be running the Yosemite (10.10) version of the Mac Operating System for BLE MIDI connectivity with the jamstik+

jamstik+ Compatible Devices through USB

The following devices are NOT compatible with jamstik+ wireless Bluetooth LE (4.0) connectivity. However they can be connected thruogh USB

  1. iPad2 or earlier 
  2. iPhone4 or earlier
  3. iMac pre 2013
  4. Mac MINI pre 2012
  5. MacbookPro pre 2013
  6. MacBookAir pre 2011 
  7. MacPro mid 2013

Android and PC

Android and PC *Wireless BLE connectivity is not available for PC or Android at this time. PC supports Plug-N-Play (Included micro to USB cord) - Official jamstik+ apps not available yet - but you can use the jamstik+ with a PC like any MIDI controller or USB piano keyboard you are used to. 

As a MIDI device, jamstik will drive anything on Android as-is, connect it and go. The same goes for MIDI control in Windows with the USB cable. Jamstik is agnostic in regards to platform on its output. They're also working towards finding a Windows solution, They are waiting for the operating Andriod and Windows system to support BLE MIDI before developing official app versions.


WarningCalifornia Prop 65 - WARNING: Some of our products can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.
WarningCalifornia Prop 65 - WARNING: For California Residents. For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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