Bogus Productions Super Studio Session Mac OS 7

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Bogus Productions Super Studio Session Mac OS 7

Put an Orchestra inside your Mac -  No external hardware required. Still factory sealed.

This is an early Mac vitural instrument and song writing program for Mac 512 and PowerBooks or Quadras running Mac OS 7 from 1992.

With an eight track sequencer with compose with, you can make your songs with a click of a mouse. Complete with 100 instruments, extensive phrase library and 20 original songs you can use to jumpstart your own songwriting.

Watch it Dance!

Super Studio Session comes iwth animation for all of your songs. The notes pictured on the front of the manual dance, snap their fingers, wag their tails and laugh, along with our songs. The notes dance differently to eacvh song. Simpl select "About Stdio Session" after you have written a song then watch them dance the night away.

Not knows if compatible with OS 8, 9 and Power PC processors.


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