reality: that which actually exists; that which is not imagination, fiction or pretense

Reality Headline  

"Reality is a groundbreaking product. I'll definitely be recommending it to anyone who will listen to me rant!"

Craig Anderton
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The Future of Music Synthesis   

Reality is the first synthesizer capable of simultaneous polyphonic and multi-timbral performance of multiple synthesis techniques, including PCM (sampling, wavetable), Subtractive (analog), FM, Waveguide, Physical Modeling, and Modal synthesis. In fact, Reality is like having many different pro synths and samplers rolled into one product, with the obvious benefit of a single coherent interface. It's like buying an extensive editor program and getting all the synthesizers for free! Except you only have to learn one interface.  

Seer offers over 100MB of great sounds on the Reality CD. and, in addition, you can load any of your own samples into Reality as .WAV files. Reality supports unlimited RAM (typical computer systems today support 256MB of RAM), so your creativity won't be stifled by arcane dedicated hardware systems. Seer's Reality gives you a centralized synthesizer engine which simultaneously holds all the sounds you have ever used and are ever likely to. Reality is designed to take you into a new frontier of music synthesis, production, and distribution. Not a promise, not a dream. Reality on your PC, today.  

Reality: A professional software-based synthesizer for your PC:  

All of this available to layer, articulate, and assemble in any way you choose. Create your own Reality.

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